Get Money Back From Fake Crypto (An Ultimate Guide)

How To Get Money Back From Fake Crypto

The popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is increasing with time. However, if more people are attracted to them, they will face many fake scams. And according to the reported cases, it’s increasing over time. For instance, look at this data, we collected, which shows how cryptocurrency scams are increasing over time. It has … Read more

What Are Fake Crypto Wallets And How To Avoid Them?

Here are the common types of fake crypto wallets

Scammers have taken advantage of the cryptocurrency market, where fortunes are made or lost within seconds. Fake crypto wallets are one common type of scam in this area. They present themselves as applications and webpages that lure users into exposing their private keys, thereby giving these hackers an entry point to their Bitcoins. Now let’s … Read more

What As A Phishing Attack In Crypto And How To Spot It?

most common types of phishing attacks

Crypto is swarming with various people, from traders to investors who want the next 10x or use these tokens to pay their bills and even evil ones who are always looking at how to take your money. One of the techniques that fraudsters use to steal cryptocurrency from innocent people is through phishing attacks. Regrettably, … Read more

Recovering Funds Post Phishing Scams

3 Steps To Recovering Funds Post Phishing Scams

Phishing attacks, which account for nearly 36% of all data breaches, are among the most widely employed tactics that scammers use. According to the latest data from IT Governance, approximately 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent each day. The primary objective of these malicious (phishing) emails is to obtain sensitive data, mainly financial details. For … Read more

Here Is How To Recover From Investment Websites

If you suspect an investment scam, what should you do?

Scammers use many types of investment fraud. Among the famous investment scams, the biggest examples are using Ponzi schemes, pig butchering, ICO scams, and fake investment websites. According to authorities, there are over 25,000 scam investment websites targeting the USA, Europe, and Australia separately. Additionally, according to the ScamWatch, those websites, many times, have some … Read more