ICO Scams Statistics – The Biggest One Scammed $3.45bn

Biggest ICO Scams (Based on Amount Lost)

Although initial coin offerings (ICOs) can be profitable for start-ups seeking funding, they are not without their disadvantages. Investors often face risks due to the lack of regulation. In 2021, for instance, BitConnect, an offshore cryptocurrency lending program, had already scammed its investors out of over $3 billion. The company promised a 40% return on … Read more

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Scam Recovery: 3 Best Strategies

ICO Scam Resilience Best Practices for Effective Recovery

Research reveals that 80% of initial coin offerings (ICOs) are scams, causing people to lose billions of dollars each year in ICO scams. For instance, this research paper claims that out of $15.38 billion, $10.12 billion was scammed in ICOs, with an average loss of $17.57 million per ICO. If you have fallen victim to … Read more

A Complete Guide To File A Complaint Against Crypto Scams

How to file complaint against crypto scams?

Due to a huge spike in crypto scams last year, we thought to share all the details a beginner will need to file a complaint against crypto scams. The US Department of Justice released it’s internet crime statistics last year. The study also concluded on different types of cybercrime practices, their effects on U.S. networks … Read more