Pig Butchering Crypto Scams Recovery

One popular scam that’s gaining attention these days is the pig butchering crypto scam, which preys on individuals seeking relationships and love online.

These statistics are truly disturbing. The data from this research reveals a significant surge in pig butchering scams. As depicted in the image the reported cases of pig butchering scams in 2023 were about five times more than in 2021.

Statistics of the Rise of Pig Butchering Scams

The main problem with pig butchering scams is that it combines romance, cryptocurrency, and deception to exploit unsuspecting victims.

As scammers ask for payments in cryptocurrency, it makes it extremely difficult to get money back.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your money back from pig butchering. Yes, you can recover your funds with the assistance of crypto scam recovery experts. Cryptocurrency recovery professionals go above and beyond to recover your crypto.

So if you are wondering how do I get my money back from the pig butchering scheme?

Here is the best solution: Instead of wandering around, you should promptly contact crypto recovery experts to retrieve your money from the pig butchering scheme.

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Now let’s break down what a pig butchering scam is and how to secure your online investments by making conscious and aware decisions with the help of Online Investment Scams (OIS): The best Pig Butchering Scam recovery services within your reach.

What are the red flags for pig butchering?

How to Spot a Pig Butchering Scam

A pig butchering scam frequently originates on dating apps, where people are searching for love and genuine connections. Scammers create fake profiles with attractive pictures, pretending to be sincere individuals. However, they avoid meeting face-to-face or engaging in video calls most of the time. Instead, they make lame excuses but insist that they have fallen in love and even talk about getting married in the future.

It can also start with a random message from an unknown number, pretending to be sent to someone else. However, you might be consistently targeted with more texts until you clarify that it was a wrong number. They might then claim to be your friend, looking for friendship, or even a love relationship.

These scammers employ emotional manipulation to build a strong bond with the victim, exploiting their desire for love and companionship. They use sweet words and affectionate gestures, all while concealing their true intentions of carrying out the pig butchering scam.

At Online Investment Scams, we understand the gravity of these deceitful tactics and are committed to raising awareness and helping innocent individuals avoid becoming victims of such harmful scams. Our experts are dedicated to identifying and exposing pig butchering scams to safeguard the online community from financial and emotional harm.

Gaining Victim’s Trust:

The pig butchering scam always starts by building trust. Sometimes, scammers pretend to be your old friend, but more commonly, they initiate a love connection on social media or dating apps. They use fabricated beautiful pictures to charm you and make you believe in their loyalty.

Next, they pretend to be highly successful, claiming to make a lot of money with a trading or investment app to gain your trust.

Pitching The Investment: 

After building trust, the scammers will pitch a promising return on investment. It could be like let’s make money together or we can make more money with combined investments.

Collecting Money: 

Once you have invested, the scammers withdraw the funds using digital payment methods, making tracking the money more difficult.

Disappearing Completely:

After receiving funds in their account, the scammers will completely ghost the victims. Scammers will delete all existing digital accounts, and the victim will have trouble withdrawing funds from their digital accounts because they will be locked out of them.

Where to report your pig butchering crypto scam?

where to report your pig butchering crypto scams

If you have been a victim of pig butchering fraud, here are the best platforms where you should report your scams. These platforms will help you recover your lost funds.

The first and third options work pretty well if you were hacked, and only the third option works best if you were scammed through pig butchering scams.

Report to Financial Institutions and Digital Platforms:

If the scam involved transactions through financial institutions or digital platforms, such as cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, CoinBase or other popular exchanges, report the fraudulent activity to them as well.

As discussed in the article, can Coinbase recover stolen crypto, they will not help you recover your funds (unless you were hacked) but they might help you save your remaining funds.

Report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

IC3 is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. Victims of cyber-crimes, including pig butchering crypto scams, can submit complaints through their website, providing crucial information for investigative purposes.

You can submit your pig butchering scam complaint here. They also highlight the scammers, but FBI might not be able to recover your investments.

The reason is that if an exchange or person where you submitted your money was not registered, you have no way to prove anything, or they don’t have any clue who is behind the scam.

Report to ‘Online Investment Scams‘ (OIS):

The above two methods will not help you recover you scammed investments because you were willing to send the money to unknown scammer. If you want to get your money back, the best is to report and hire Online Investment Scams’ pig butchering scams recovery expert.

Here is how to recover from pig butchering crypto scams

If you’ve fallen prey to a pig butchering scam and lost your hard-earned money, now you have two way; either you can lose hope and forget your life savings or you can hire a pig butchering crypto scams recovery expert at Online Investment Scams (OIS) to recover your lost funds.

It’s a no-brainer that your decision has to decide your money fate, either you get it back from the scammers, or you lose for life.

At Online Investment Scams (OIS), our team of experienced and skilled pig butchering scams recovery experts is dedicated to assisting victims like you in getting back what’s rightfully yours.

Let’s get started:

Here’s how Online Investment Scams (OIS) can help you with pig butchering scams recovery:

Expert Analysis:

Our first step is to conduct a thorough analysis of your case. Our experts will examine the details of the pig butchering scam, including the communication with the scammer, transaction records, and any other relevant information.

This analysis helps us understand the specific tactics used by the scammer and the best approach to recover your funds.

Tracing Transactions:

Pig butchering scammers often utilize complex methods to withdraw and transfer funds, making it challenging to trace the money. That’s why they keep transactions in crypto because cryptocurrency recovery is the hardest one without hiring an expert.

However, our specialists have experience in dealing with such cases and know how to track down these illicit transactions.

Most of the time, they use fake sites and apps, so our experts look at the database of the apps and sites to figure out where they have been sending the payments.

Negotiation and Mediation:

In some cases, direct negotiation with the scammers may be necessary to secure the return of your funds. Our skilled pig butchering crypto fraud recovery specialists know how to communicate with these criminals effectively, increasing the likelihood of a successful recovery. (But we skip this step if you don’t want to expose your identity).

Digital Forensics:

Our team has all the tools and advanced digital forensics techniques to gather evidence against scammers. With proof things becomes easy.

So we make it sure that we have the best possible data that we could utilize to get your scammed money back.

Emotional Support:

Maybe, they used a romance scam strategy to reach you, so it’s possible that you have been emotionally depressed. Our team provides compassionate support throughout the recovery process, ensuring you’re not alone in this difficult time.

At ‘Online Investment Scams’ (OIS), we take pride in our success rate and our commitment to helping victims regain their financial stability.

OIS: Hundreds Recover Scammed Money from Pig Butchering Fraud

We’ve assisted numerous individuals who fell victim to pig butchering scams, and we continue to refine our strategies to stay ahead of these crafty criminals.

Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to recovering your funds from pig butchering scams. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to track down the scammers and retrieve your money.

If you’ve been scammed, don’t wait to reach out to our pig butchering scams recovery experts at Online Investment Scams (OIS) immediately.

To begin the recovery process, you can contact us. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss your case and guide you through the steps we’ll take to recover your funds you lost in pig butchering scam.

Additionally, we also offer scammed Bitcoin Recovery, Forex scams recovery, binary options scam recovery, and other similar lost investments recovery services.

Is it possible to recover money lost to a pig butchering scam?

Yes, it is possible to recover money lost to a pig butchering scam if you promptly hire a pig butchering scam recovery expert. We have experienced specialists who will help you get your lost investments back in no time.

What steps should I take if I suspect I have fallen victim to a pig butchering scam?

Here are a few steps you should take if you suspect you have fallen victim to a pig butchering scam:

1. Keep a record of everything.
2. Report the incident to your financial institution.
3. Hire a recovery expert from a reliable platform like Online Investment Scams (OIS).

Are there any resources available to help with pig butchering scam recovery?

Yes, there are many resources available to assist with pig butchering scam recovery. By reaching out to platforms like Online Investment Scams, you increase your chances of recovering all your lost investments.