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Reported cryptocurrency fraud losses by year 2018 to 2023

Have you lost your crypto due to reasons such as crypto scams, hardware breakdown, lost seed phrase, or issues with your cryptocurrency wallet? Do you want to recover your scammed money?

In all such situations, you need crypto recovery services.

We here at ”Online Investment Scams – (one of the best crypto recovery services)” help you in recovering lost crypto, especially in cases of scams like celebrity investment scams, pig butchering scams, and other investment frauds. We have successfully helped hundreds of people recover their crypto in such situations.

If you have lost your cryptocurrency, particularly due to fraud, theft, or investment scams, it’s crucial to act fast. The longer you delay, the higher the chances that scammers will move the coins, making recovery more challenging.

In some cases, scammers move to DEX and convert to DAI to make it hard to get tokens back.

Before getting started, we tell the situation to clients. But still, we fight for our clients and do our best.

Our recovery process is straightforward for clients.

We gather all the relevant details about the incident, whether it’s a scam or involves a request for passwords, seed phrases, or information about the device used (in cases where it’s not a crypto hoax). We then determine the most effective steps to take in your specific case.

We exhaust every avenue to recover the crypto for our clients. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost your crypto and are seeking a recovery service, our team of crypto recovery experts is ready to assist you in any case.

Contact them for a free consultation regarding your crypto loss.

I can make it sure that we here at ‘OIS crypto recovery agency’ have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you get started with lost crypto recovery and will empower you to track down the cyber-criminals hiding your funds.

Here is what our clients’ say about our crypto recovery services:


“Thank you so much! I couldn’t be more appreciative. Just wished there were more genuine and honest companies like yours out there.”

What is crypto fraud recovery? 

Crypto fraud recovery is a process that is the same as getting a transaction claimed back for your credit card and online claims for lost crypto recovery.

If you lose your cryptocurrency or notice unauthorized charges on your digital wallet, you can cancel it, contact the crypto issuing party and have your charges reversed and returned. 

Crypto recovery is more complex than credit card recovery claims, which is one reason for choosing experts from legitimate crypto recovery companies like ‘Online Investment Scams‘.

Any transaction you make on any blockchain crypto exchange is permanently recorded. That means that charges can’t be undone or canceled. The only way to get your money back is to claim a refund in a separate transaction. 

This creates a unique challenge in the case of crypto fraud recovery. Even if a digital wallet transaction was proven fraudulent or charges were unauthorized, you can’t just get money back as you would from a credit card company.

Crypto transactions are one-to-one, meaning there is little margin of crypto going out of the crypto exchange and often no third party involved in between. Although crypto platforms and exchanges try to fight crypto scams, the lack of solid rules and regulations in cryptocurrencies means there isn’t much that can be done. 

The nature of the blockchain also makes funds in a crypto fraud recovery complex. All transactions are anonymous; knowing who or which party holds your funds can be hard.

Given the increasing number of crypto scams, there has never been a greater demand for effective and professional crypto especially Bitcoin scam recovery services to investigate and fulfill client claims. 

What steps do you need to take for crypto scam recovery?

Before beginning the process of crypto scam recovery, it’s important to become familiar with the process and to know what to expect along the way.

Information gathering

Successful crypto recovery begins with you. This means collecting all the data you need to understand the incident and how it happened in the first place.

The data collection for crypto scam recovery services may involve emails and Whatsapp communications with those involved in the Bitcoin scam, screenshots of transaction confirmations, and incorrect website statements. 

The more information you have to offer to the lost crypto recovery, the smoother the recovery process will be.

You may be asked to go back and look for other types of information during the investigation process. Think about what anyone doing a crypto investigation may need to facilitate in the process of crypto fraud recovery to track down the crypto scam that took your funds.

Crypto recovery agency investigation

At Online Investment Scams, the crypto investigation method is the secret to our success. We combine crypto forensic methods and advanced technology to build information on the cyber criminals who stole your money and where they sent the funds. 

Use Technology and Human Resources: We combine two approaches that utilize the full benefits of technology and human intervention.

Online Investment Scams proudly uses blockchain software in crypto fraud recovery to show the path of transactions from when your cryptocurrency left your crypto wallet to the multiple transactions performed by the suspected Bitcoin scammers.

After Online Investment Scams, professionals have tracked the path of crypto transactions, they carefully analyze results using crypto forensics techniques to determine who may have your money and where it might be located.

Analyzing Crypto Transactions: After fully analyzing the crypto transactions in your case and launching a full investigation, we create a crypto investigation report. These are essential tools for approaching authorities with a crypto claim and can improve the chances of a successful crypto recovery. Unfortunately, many crypto scams go unreported. If people do involve authorities, they give up too quickly. They claim that little to no data records, nothing substantial, will give law enforcement any leads to pinning cyber criminals.

Compiling Information: At Online Investment Scams, the best crypto recovery service, we make our recovery by the state-of-the-art method providing every client with a comprehensive crypto investigation report that will give the authorities detailed information about the case and even names and other identifying information about persons that are suspected of being involved in the crypto scam.

These crypto recovery investigation reports will put your claim far ahead of other claims and complaints with only a few dates and documents. Law enforcement acts upon solid, credible information presented in a form that is easy to understand and act upon. 

Approaching authorities with a crypto investigation report

Once we have created your investigation report, that is the beginning of the lost crypto recovery process. We will then guide you on the steps needed to get maximum assistance from the authorities for your claim.

We, at Online Investment Scams, include forms to expedite filing a claim with law enforcement. The easier you make it for authorities to help you, the more likely they will act on your claim efficiently.

Detecting a crypto fraud

Whenever crypto buyers suspect anything odd on their crypto transaction platform, they wonder whether it is a scam or just the regular method of how any crypto purchase would work. How can you confirm whether it is a scam you are getting caught up in?

Crypto scammers take advantage of this uncertainty and can lure customers into a false sense of security. They may make excuses for not releasing funds or demanding certain fees.

That’s why it’s important to consult with Online Investment Scams crypto recovery agency. There is often a good reason if you doubt your financial service or broker. We are always happy to deal with any concerns you may have.

Online Investment Scams – your shield to battle against the crypto scams

If your cryptocurrency has been scammed into a crypto scam, consult the Online Investment Scams team of professionals for crypto scam recovery USA.

Our crypto investigations will provide evidence to back your claim and get you started with cryptocurrency recovery. 

Online Investment Scams has developed contacts and working relationships worldwide. Crypto scam recovery USA has extensive knowledge and experience with crypto tracking and can improve your prospects of getting your funds back

Queries About Our Crypto Recovery Agency

What is Online Investment Scams?

Online Investment Scams is a crypto fraud recovery firm in the USA with global cryptocurrency recovery services and an international clientele all around the globe. 

What is the mission of Online Investment Scams?

Online Investment Scams specializes in forensic cryptocurrency investigations and complex cryptocurrency recovery services involving lost crypto recovery in a safe and trustworthy manner.

Online Investment Scams Motto

  • To provide buyers of cryptocurrency who have been scammed with experienced and best crypto recovery services.
  • We, at Online Investment Scams, aim to assist you with lost crypto recovery with as little hassle as possible.
  • At Online Investment Scams, we aim to provide the best crypto recovery services to people scammed with cryptocurrency. 

How to make sure you have hired the best crypto recovery service?

  • Look for positive and legit reviews on the platform.
  • The crypto recovery firm must have government certifications.
  • You can make sure about the legitimacy of a crypto recovery firm by doing a little thorough digging in.
  • The crypto recovery firm transfers the recovered crypto funds to your account directly.
  • The crypto recovery firm doesn’t demand any advance service fee. You should pay only a minor token amount.

Final Words

Online Investment Scams professionals have vast experience in the best crypto recovery service and investigating digital wallet drains and frauds.

We aim to provide our esteemed clients with the best crypto-recovery services in case of any crypto fraud.

Contact our team of well-trained and highly equipped professionals for any of your crypto fraud recovery services.

We, at Online Investment Scams, manage crypto recovery cases for organizations to individuals, and our well-planned step-by-step action plan saves you from any catastrophic situation by making the crypto recovery process easy and smooth for you.

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