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If you are looking for a binary option recovery specialist, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of traders are scammed on binary options each year. Many of them reached us and our recovery experts helped them get refund from Binary Options scams.

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Binary options has been a great place to make money. But once regarded as a well-known method, binary options trading has become flooded with scams and fraud.

People scammed by binary options lose large amounts of money. Due to unethical brokers and fraudulent practices, this trading method has a poor reputation. 

For example, Liam Shaun lost his online finances in a binary options scam, and Zander Nolan shared online asset details worth $4,7000 with a company because he had used them before and thought they were legit. 

Online Investment Scams helps people retrieve money from scammers if they lose money in these Binary scams. They also recover investments from Forex scams, they have Bitcoin recovery experts and they also offer other crypto recovery services.

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The most common types of binary options scams and the methods scammers use to pull them off will be covered below.

People can better protect themselves from fraud if they know how it works. We will also discuss the actionable steps that Online Investment Scams will take to protect you from scammers.

What should you do if you are scammed on binary option?

Imagine that you need to recover money and want to improve your chances. What would you do? If any such scam happens to you, the most important thing you can do is write it down immediately.

This will help the experts at Online Investment Scams make a recovery plan for you. Tell the right people about it, and talk to a good lawyer. Losses as a result of these scams can be recovered with the help of professional fund recovery services.

The recovery process is not easy, but the experts at Online Investment Scams have devised a step-by-step guided method to help you recover money lost in binary scams.

What are Binary option scams?

Here are 4 common Binary option scams

Binary options let you bet on how the prices of stocks, currencies, and other things will increase or decrease. When buying legal binary options, you must guess if the price of a basic product will increase or decrease within a given time period. 

Traders bet on how much a binary option will be worth in the future. When their predictions come true, they will get a share of the money based on the bet they made.

If they’re right, the money they put in at the beginning will be given back to them. Even though trading binary options is legal and easy, it has been linked to scams, so you should be careful and do your research before getting involved.

There is a chance to make money with binary options trading, but more scam brokers have made it more likely for fraud to happen. You should know the risks of investing on these sites and be careful not to get ripped off.

Here are some common ways that binary options scams happen, and you should be aware of them. 

Offshore Accounts

They operate from offshore accounts, away from the law and jurisdiction of your country. So many binary fraud brokers do not fall under the laws of your area. These fraud brokers lure you to invest with them by promising high returns with a low level of risk. People usually fall prey to these scammers because they focus on their desire to gain quick returns on binary options.

Binary brokers use tactics like charging extra withdrawal fees and using delays and excuses to prevent withdrawals. Customers may require assistance when attempting to withdraw their funds after depositing them. Sometimes, the broker may disappear, cutting off all communication with the investors.

Trade Manipulation

Bianry fraud brokers who cannot be trusted may change bids to make money themselves, causing you to lose money. They achieve this goal by using fake algorithms that greatly benefit the broker.

For example, even if the investor’s estimate is correct, the platform might still go ahead with bets at different prices than the actual market rates. This will result in huge financial losses on your part. Usually, these price frauds are very subtle in nature and are not obvious enough to identify, but collectively, they cause huge losses.

Identity Theft and Phishing

Scammers use phishing schemes to steal personal information from unsuspecting investors. They may use fraud tactics such as sending bogus emails or creating bogus websites that look like legitimate binary options platforms.

Victims may not be aware and end up providing their login information and other sensitive information, allowing scammers to access their trading accounts. Once inside, the scammers can conduct unauthorized trades and drain the victim’s bank account.

False Promises and Misleading Information

Scammers use marketing tactics to attract potential investors, promising unrealistic profits and hiding binary options trading risks. They may use fake testimonials or success stories to create a legitimate profile.

Scammers convince individuals to invest without giving them full information about the risks of binary options trading. Scammers put out an ad promising easy money and financial independence.

Online Investment Scams tips for Binary Options Recovery

binary option scam recovery tips

Binary options scams have wreaked ruin on the financial lives of countless people worldwide. 

Fraudulent brokers and platforms leave victims with little to no chance of recovery. While recovering funds from binary options scams can be difficult, it is not impossible. 

By taking the steps outlined below, you can increase your chances of reclaiming your hard-earned money and seeking justice against those responsible for these fraudulent schemes.

Keep a record of everything

It is critical to begin documenting all relevant information when you suspect you have been a victim of a binary options scam. Save all correspondence with the broker or platform, including emails, chat logs, and any promises made by the broker. This documentation will be crucial in building your case and seeking restitution.

Report the scam immediately

After writing down the scam details, file a complaint with your local financial regulatory authority and other relevant international bodies. Reporting fraudulent activities alerts authorities to the fraud and helps protect others from becoming victims of the same scam. Providing as much information as possible when making a complaint is important because this data will help the investigation proceed more smoothly.

Make the following inquiries with your bank or payment provider

You need to contact your bank as soon as possible to explain the situation if you used a credit card or an online payment platform to make the purchase.

If you’ve been a victim of fraud or a transaction that wasn’t allowed, you can use the chargeback options that many payment providers offer.

Be ready to back up your claim with proof of the scam, like papers. Talk to a lawyer or our binary option scam recovery specialist who focuses on getting money back from scams and fraud.

An experienced attorney can advise you on your legal options and help you navigate the process of recouping the money you lost.

They will also be able to give you advice on whether or not you should file a civil action to seek compensation from the fraudulent parties involved.

Hire a binary option recovery specialist for a refund

Some firms and organizations help victims of binary options scams get their money back. Some may charge an advance fee or a percentage of the recovered funds. These services can be extremely useful in recovering funds.

Online Investment Scams is the number one company to recover your lost binary funds.

Before hiring any recovery service, ensure that the firm you hire for scam recovery is authentic. By making this effort, you are saved from any further harm at the hands of recovery firms. 

Take Your Time and Keep Going At It

Returning to your feet after falling for a binary options scam can be challenging and time-consuming. It is necessary to exercise patience throughout the journey.

Suppose you want the authorities, your attorney, or the fund’s recovery service to help you win your case. In that case, you should cooperate with them as much as possible and provide any additional information they might need.


Many people have lost much money and felt useless because of binary options scams. On the other hand, scam victims shouldn’t give up hope because they can take steps to get their money back and punish the crooks.

Victims have a better chance of getting their money back if they quickly write down everything they say to the fake agents, report the scam to the right authorities, get legal advice, and, if necessary, hire fund recovery services.

Online Investment Scams is here to assist you in your binary fund recovery if you are scammed into losing binary option funds.

To avoid falling victim to such scams in the future, it is critical to exercise caution and due diligence when trading binary options. Stick with reputable and regulated brokers, and be wary of any promises that appear too good to be true.

Remember that high gains usually come with high risks. Before investing, knowing everything you can about the risks is important.

People can keep their hard-earned money safe and avoid scams with binary options by being aware and careful. It can take a long time and a lot of work to overcome these cons.

Still, if they handle the situation correctly, victims can take important steps toward getting their money back and holding con artists accountable for their lies.

How to get a refund from a Binary Options scam

The best approach is to follow the above-mentioned steps to obtain a refund from a binary options scam.

Keep records of everything, report the scam to your bank, consult with a lawyer, or consider hiring a binary options scam recovery specialist from a reliable platform like Online Investment Scams.

Where to investigate a binary options scam?

If you are stuck with a scam broker, you can’t investigate your binary options scam on their platform because they were supposed to scam your money, and they are done with it.

Therefore, the best option is to hire a binary options scam recovery specialist who can help you get a refund from the binary options scam.