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Online Investment Scams

They not only recovered my funds but also went above and beyond to maximize my returns and apprehend the scammers. I wholeheartedly recommend their services. The team possesses exceptional expertise in combating scams. I highly recommend them to everyone who’s been scammed and is ready to take action.

Online Investment Scams

I was entangled in an online Forex trading scam that resulted in significant financial losses of $50K. OIS provided invaluable guidance and directed me to the Financial Crimes Commission. I’m delighted to share that my complaint was successfully resolved, thanks to the exceptional expertise of OIS. They possess a deep understanding of the financial industry and the compensation process, making them a truly professional partner.

Online Investment Scams

They helped me after Donut scammed me with fake crypto investments. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, but their expertise in not only tracing my funds but guiding me through the whole process and then recovering all of my funds for me was very exemplary. I’m so happy to share because these fake crypto investment companies are the worst and there is little to nothing the government is doing about it.

Online Investment Scams

Here are the most common online investment scams to watch out:

1. Cryptocurrency scam:

We have conducted research and found that people have lost billions of dollars in cryptocurrency scams in the last two years. Take a closer look at the data in the following image on reported cases. It was close to $4 billion in 2022 in the reported cases.

Additionally, tens of thousands of traders and investors never report their cases due to various factors. The reported data indicates that the crisis has increased significantly from 2018 to 2022, but it has slightly decreased in 2023.

Infographic about reported cryptocurrency fraud losses by year 2018 to 2023.

Suppose someone is reaching out to you on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook and asking you to invest and making promises to make huge gains. This type of offer is actually fake, so be wary of anyone contacting you out of the blue about your crypto assets.

I will explain how they present themselves as trustworthy.

First, they will convince you to invest and then flex about how well they are doing in cryptocurrency trading, brainwash you, and show you celebrity advertisements and even their luxurious lives. These are all their techniques to con people and make them think this is all true.

As I have already mentioned, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Making a fake website with fake followers is not a difficult task in the current digital age. A scammer shows you a fraudulent investment website with fake reviews in order to convince you to invest.

Warning signs:

  • High promises of profit
  • Scammers send emails with malicious link to target crypto wallet private keys
  • Fake celebrity endorsements 
  • Social media crypto giveaways 
  • Several transactions in one day
  • Extortion or blackmailing from someone you have met through dating app

Let’s say, you got scammed, here is what to do to recover your cryptocurrency from scam.

2. Ponzi schemes:

Here are the details about Bernie Madoff biggest scam in human history.
Bernie Madoff /

There is no such thing as ‘get rich quick or guaranteed returns’. How can someone return your money when you barely know them? 

In a ponzi scheme, investors are promised high returns, but in reality, new investors funds are used to simply pay off older ones. It’s like an endless cycle of lies!

In order to draw in more participants, the person conducting the plan frequently attempts to create the appearance of legality and success. 

They might even present you with luxurious records or give you the impression that they have a secret strategy for producing money. The problem is that it is not viable, so everything finally crashes. 

The plan collapses after fresh investors stop pouring money in, and many people wind up losing their hard-earned money. 

Sadly, they can be hard to spot until the company goes bust and you cannot access your investment.

Let’s say you are scammed in a Ponzi scheme, you can contact our team to figure out and help you recover your lost funds.

The above given picture if of Bernie Madoff. He was reported and sentenced to prison for orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme.

3. Pump and dump schemes:

Pump and dump is a kind of scam where fraudsters increase the price of the stock by creating a hype, and once the value of the stock takes off because of all the endorsements and hypes, the fraudsters dump that stock and sell it at the raised price and run away with all your money.

Well, you can call it an earn and run kind of scam, which is totally illegal.

Now, you must be thinking, How do people actually get tricked into all this? There are three different stages when it comes to the pump an dump scam. 

Stage 1 is the fake news stage, where scammers use fake news or promotions to create hype or sensation around a stock. You can also see many celebrity promotions and social media advertisements at this stage.

The next stage is the investment stage, and this is where the investors get attracted to the stick as the bees get to the honey because of all the false hype floating around, and when the price reaches an all time high, scammers sell their shares to other buyers and run away with all of your money.

The last is actually the most shocking stage. This is where the prices drop along with the hype, and you as an investor will lose every single penny, and the scammer will become a scapegoat.

Usually scammers ask you to transfer money in form of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If so, you can seek help from the best Bitcoin scam recovery expert.

4. Forex trading scams:

Forex trading scams are similar to the sneaky scams you see online, but they are targeted at people who want to invest their money in the forex market.

They can take many different forms, such as fake brokers, pyramid scams, or misleading software. They often make bold claims of guaranteed profits or secret strategies, but in reality, they are just out to steal your hard-earned money.

Many scammers are use social media like Instagram to advertise fraudulent Forex trading opportunities. They often use AI generated images and videos of luxury items to trick people into making an investment. And they succeed many times. 

If a scammer contacts you and offers a risk-free investment opportunity, then it is likely to be a scam. There is no such thing as a risk free investment; all investments involve some level of risk.

If you got scammed on Forex trading, here is what to do to recover your lost money on a Forex scam.

5. Advance fee scam:

This involves a scammer trying to convince a victim to send them money. The scammer may, for instance, pretend to be a trader who can use the victims money to trade and earn them a profit. 

In other circumstances, the scams can be a bit more targeted; they go after people who recently lost money on a specific investment and promise some sort of refund as long as the person first pays a processing fee or tax. 

An investment that sounds too good to be true is typically a warning sign. Take notice of these giveaways:

  • payments in advance
  • Unregistered brokers who lack official documentation
  • Unsolicited offers with higher than average return rates

6. Phishing scam: 

Phishing scams are also one of the most popular among investment scams. Scammers send emails with a dangerous link to trick people into revealing personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

These types of scams are designed in a legitimate way, they may send you an email written in a professional way so you don’t get suspicious. But you should check out the format, grammatical mistakes, and other errors to identify who the person is.

The other technique is Malware phishing, which is the same as email phishing. The scammers pretend to be from financial services provider. They encourages targets to click a link or download an attachment so malware can be installed on the device. It is currently the most pervasive form of phishing attack. Their app or web will save your personal details.

Do not be fooled; these attacks might be very cunning. These particular phishing schemes do exist because they are successful.

Remember, legitimate organizations will never ask for your personal information through emails or messages. If you ever receive suspicious messages , do not click on any link; instead, report them to the authorities or the companies.

7. Romance Scam:

Dating applications are typically where romance fraud happens. Online fraudsters pretend to be interested in starting a love relationship with a person in order to defraud them of their money.

Typically, these con artists use online-sourced identities and images to appear as someone they are not.

Once they have worked to gain the trust of the person they have targeted, they will use various stories and even offer investment opportunities to get money or details from that person. They may first start by requesting small sums and then jump to larger amounts.

There have been cases of romance scams reported where people have lost big amounts ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars

It can be hard to figure out how this could happen, but it is important to keep in mind that these scammers invest a lot of time and effort in developing an online relationship and can make it look quite genuine.

If you have fallen victim of such scams, here is how to recover money pig butchering scams.

If you got scammed here is how to recover scammed money:

Even after taking all the precautions, if you are in a situation where your funds are withheld in any investment, there is an advised path of steps you should take.

Start by contacting the company and registering a complaint of withdrawal of money.

By taking this step, you will have an official record of complaints to show as proof to the concerned authorities if any discrepancies happen later.

If you have invested in a company not regulated by any authority, withdrawing your funds from this company might be a pain in the neck.

The company might suspend your account for baseless reasons, leaving you with bad consequences.

So to protect you from any further scams, avoid any trouble in the form of a suspicious broker by doing enough research before jumping into the investment process.

Remember that people conscious of their investments can also fall prey to online scams.

Online Investment Scams Is Your Solution!

You can be relieved that help and guidance are available to help you recover your funds.

Approaching a trustworthy service like IOS is important if you encounter online fraud. Navigating through a recovery journey for your funds can be frustrating and difficult. Before contacting any such firm, you must be aware of the procedure you must follow.

4 Step Guide To How a Recovery Process Works

You can have an idea of how the process of a recovery firm works by reading through it.

  1. Email your details at to discuss your matter to a scammed money recovery expert. The team will be better equipped to arrange a consultation meeting for you.
  2. After confirming that you have been scammed, we take the necessary steps to initiate the recovery process, ensuring that you can take a step back and leave the rest to us.

By this simple process, the IOS recovery firm will make the recovery process as hassle-free as possible. We are helping you to recover your funds back from the scamming company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the risks of online trading?

The risk factors are many when doing any online investment or trading. If you are careful and do your due share of research before investing any funds, you can be saved from any doomsday conspiracy.

What should be your course of action if you do get scammed?

You need to get the online scam reported to your local area authorities. Otherwise, you do have the option of hiring Online Investment Scams for the recovery process.

How can you get help from Online Investment Scams?

As most recovery processes are difficult to navigate and comprehend for most people, we at OIS have tried to make the complaint process as simple as possible.

How can you avoid being scammed online in the first place?

To safeguard yourself against online fraud, you need to be a careful investor and only trust regulated companies with your funds.

Then tell people that Online Investment Scams has a great team of professionals who can get their money back from scammers, and they offer a money-back guarantee.