Are Crypto Recovery Services Legit? A Reliable Choice

With the crazy growth of crypto over the last few years, it’s no surprise that scams have been on the rise.

To be completely honest, most victims of scammers, especially in crypto scams, are unlikely to ever see their money again.

But don’t let this deter you.

There are lots of things you can do to investigate and ensure that you get the best possible outcomes. 

If you are being scammed, you must act quickly to assess the full damage. Scammers hope it takes you a long time to recognize the signs of fraud. The longer that you go without reporting the crime, the more they can steal, so as soon as you realize that you have been targeted, start checking for and documenting the damage.

You can turn to reputable crypto recovery services, such as OIS. This firm specializes in recovering lost or stolen cryptocurrency through various methods, such as forensic analysis and legal action.

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But are crypto recovery companies legit?

Since blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, they continue to confront many difficulties, including the possibility of fraud. These concerns have, sadly, resulted in a lot of cases of cryptocurrency theft and fraud. Because transactions on the blockchain network are irreversible after they have been confirmed, victims typically feel helpless.

The good news is that there are services for recovering your crypto money!

Several companies out there represent themselves as experts in cryptocurrency recovery. But not all of them can follow through on their commitments. Most of them are frauds. 

But how can you tell which cryptocurrency recovery service to trust when there are so many of them available? One way to find a legitimate recovery expert is by doing research online. Look for reviews and testimonials from other victims who have used their services successfully.

OIS is a reliable company that provides a simple procedure for recovering lost or stolen Bitcoin or other crypto assets.

They represent their customers in all communications with law enforcement organizations around the world. You can reach out to crypto recovery experts now.

How do you recover crypto by reporting it to OIS?

stolen crypto recovery agency

Some people avoid contacting recovery companies because they think all of them are frauds.

However, OIS is a legitimate company with a track record of helping naive people recover their money from scammers.

It’s fair to feel like there is no hope left if you have been defrauded out of your cryptocurrency. There is no central authority that can help in the recovery of your funds because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and unregulated.

For instance, you might have heard that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. But, this does not mean that recovery is not possible; Bitcoin recovery is possible.

OIS has a group of expert investigators who put in endless efforts to find the scammer and recover the crypto that was taken. They can even recover your Bitcoin with the advanced technologies they use.

They give a free consultation to anyone who wants assistance with locating missing crypto to ensure that they deliver the finest services possible.

You will get the chance to discuss your situation with one of their specialists during the consultation, and they will advise you on the best way for them to help you get your stolen money back.

To safely recover your stolen cryptocurrency, working with a legitimate recovery company like OIS could be helpful.

How do you spot scammers using crypto recovery services?

Sadly, scammers may easily make fake services appear real online using a variety of techniques. 

For instance:

  • They have a website with a professional appearance that appears in Google search results. Making a website that appears on search engine results pages is comparatively simple. Watch out for red flags like poor grammar, logos, and visuals that appear false or unprofessional.
  • Fake success stories and testimonials for their websites or social media accounts to persuade customers that their service is trustworthy. On Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging services, scammers frequently use the term “experts.” This is a huge red flag because actual professionals are much more likely to conduct business using a combination of emails and phone calls. 
  • The “success stories” are posted using brand-new accounts, accounts with minimal posts, or accounts that appear to have been stolen from previous users.
  • The service charges a one-time fee, which is often in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

After the victim finally realizes it is a scam, the scammer continues to add fees for a few weeks. The most typical sort of digital asset recovery fraud involves the scammer requesting an advance payment before delivering the recovered cryptocurrency. 

Almost always, scammers will demand more money as time passes and offer a variety of reasons for keeping the cryptocurrency

Scammers that want advance payments frequently make strange requests, such as “donations,” upfront fees, and requests for money or personal information. 

In general, the only legitimate cryptocurrency recovery services are those that assist you in recovering coins that you already have, such as recovering private keys from corrupted hard drives. 

Warning signs of fake crypto recovery services:

Let’s say you lost money in a private venture that attracted a number of other investors, like a Ponzi scam, pig butchering scam, or a cryptocurrency deal. You have suffered a significant financial loss—possibly your entire life’s savings—and would do anything to recover it. 

Then, one day, you receive an unexpected email from someone promising to find a way to get your money back for you. Or perhaps you’ll see someone mention this talent on Twitter or somewhere else. When you get in touch with them, they won’t specifically explain how, but they’ll make it seem like they know something that will make you complete. Of course, for a cost.

The scam is actually rather straightforward: the fraudster finds a victim who has already fallen for the scam and offers to retrieve their stolen money and recover it in exchange for a charge. The offer is obviously completely bogus, and when the victim pays the recovery scammer, they are basically scammed again.

A trustworthy company will be eager to talk about their services and is unlikely to do business through Telegram or WhatsApp. 

These apps are typically used by scammers in order to remain anonymous and reduce the likelihood that they will be caught by law enforcement. 

The FBI who is working hard to reduce crypto scams and recover lost crypto, has released a PSA warning of an increase in bitcoin recovery schemes that prey on people who have lost cryptocurrency to fraud, swindles, and outright theft.

Scammers look for victims on social media and messaging platforms and claim to offer bitcoin tracing in order to recover stolen money. 

Do your research on the advertised company and use caution if it makes promises about being able to recover money quickly (because it takes time to recover crypto), uses ambiguous language, has a weak online presence, or all three, the agency warns.

Another piece of advice is to not give out any financial or personal information to a stranger who contacts you and offers their services for recovering your cryptocurrency.

Where there is hope, there is a way.

Although losing your cryptocurrency assets might be a stressful situation, it’s important to know that there are legitimate recovery services available to help you get your lost money back. 

However, it’s crucial to use caution and make sure the crypto recovery service has a successful track record before selecting it.

OIS has the expertise and understanding necessary to assist you in successfully recovering any Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency that was stolen from you. If you disclose your case to them, OIS can help find the criminals who stole your crypto assets.

Some other recovery options:

Notify your bank

Now that you know the depth of the fraud, you need to shut the fraudsters out of your accounts. Start by contacting your bank, credit card company, credit union, and other impacted companies and notifying them of the fraud. They will close your accounts and walk you through the next steps.

Report the fraud to the FTC

You can file an identity theft report with the FTC. This gives you an official identity theft affidavit that will help you dispute charges and repair your credit. Once you are done, print out the affidavit and keep a copy for your records. You will need this to report the crime to credit card companies, financial institutions, and local law enforcement.

File a police report

Once you file an identity theft report with the FTC, other law enforcement agencies can access it during their investigations; however, you may still need to file a police report for identity theft in certain situations. One reason is when you know the person who committed the fraud or identity theft or if you have information that could help the police catch the fraudster.

Law Enforcement:

Another option is to report the scam to law enforcement agencies that have experience dealing with these types of cases. They may be able to investigate and potentially recover your funds.

In a nutshell, it’s true that some crypto scam recovery services are legit, but not all of them can do the job.

Sometimes, if you can fall victim of this scam. Yes, it’s true that even legit recovery services also charge upfront fee, but at least they recover your funds.

A scammer will will take upfront fee and run away! So it’s highly recommended to work with only those with proven track record. Never believe in people only engaging with you on Telegram, it’s a signal that they are not legit.