Who Can Recover Lost Or Stolen Cryptocurrency?

Before I tell you who exactly can recover crypto in your situation, let me clarify that it’s possible to recover your lost or stolen crypto, no matter how challenging the situation is.

You might have lost your seed phrase, your hardware might have gotten damaged, you lost your wallet, you got scammed, or anything else that often happens in the crypto world. It’s all routine, and there are many ways to recover crypto.

Some methods are free, and some are paid. But at the very least, you have hope for recovery, and even after paying a fee in some cases, you can save your life savings.

Got it?

Now, let’s understand who can recover crypto.

There are two reasons the majority of people lose their money: it can be due to a scam, or you might have forgotten your key phrase.

If you have lost your password, it’s still possible to recover it because you must have saved your key phrase. Even if you’ve deleted it, you can use some tools to recover your data on your device and regain access to your information.

However, if it’s a scam, it becomes the toughest situation.

Believe it or not, crypto fraud is no joke.

Infographic about reported cryptocurrency fraud losses by year 2018 to 2023.

In 2022, the FBI reported over $10 billion in losses to online fraud, with crypto investment scams surging, marking the highest annual loss in the past five years. Some investors lost millions of dollars.

However, even with its extreme challenges, there are still ways to recover stolen crypto.

This involves multiple parties, such as investigators, law enforcement agencies, or maybe crypto recovery services. Let’s take a look at who can help you recover it.

Before we delve deeper, here is an announcement for those who have lost their life savings.

All of the below-mentioned techniques work well with some limitations. The biggest problem with most recovery strategies is that they may not work well when scammers have stolen your money, or you have lost the recovery phrase for your decentralized wallet.

In all such situations, when no one else, like the FBI, the police, or crypto exchanges, can help you, the role of crypto recovery experts becomes crucial.

If you can find a legitimate crypto recovery service, it’s a no-brainer that you will get your crypto assets back, no matter how challenging it may seem.

So, if you are serious about recovery, here are some experts who can help you recover your crypto. Email here for a free consultation.

Now let’s see how can recover crypto. And what strategies you can use to recover your crypto.

Who Can Recover Crypto

Self-recovery methods:

When it comes to getting stolen crypto back, people have been trying many different ways. Out of all the ones that exist, the most effective ones are crypto recovery services. They specialize in getting your missing digital money back. We’re going to get into that later, but first, let’s define what a crypto wallet is.

Think of it as a normal wallet, but digital. It’s used to store all that virtual money of yours. The whole point of this wallet is that you have complete control over all the funds kept inside it. That being said, sometimes things don’t work out like they should. And you either get stolen or lost. In those situations, you’ll need self-recovery methods. Here are two:

Recovery phrases:

Modern Bitcoin wallets come with recovery phrases, or what I like to call backup seeds for your wallet’s keys. These are usually sets of words ranging from 12 to 24 words long. If you lose access or forget your key, you don’t have to worry because you can use this instead.

All you’ll need to do is purchase a compatible wallet app and input those seed phrases into it. It’s honestly one of the easiest ways to get all your bitcoins back.

Wallet Provider Assistance:

Some providers can help you if you lose access to your wallet. They’ll be able to do this by verifying that you are who you say you are. But, going through this process takes time, and it also means sharing sensitive information.

Cryptocurrency exchanges:

Exchange companies are trusted to hold your crypto assets because they hold the private key to the wallet. Since they have “know your customer” information, they can easily use traditional devices such as discovery authorized by jurisdiction for asset tracing. With that said, if you lost your wallet, it’s best to double check there.

When hackers steal cryptocurrency, they bounce it around multiple wallets or mix it with other funds so that its origin can’t be found. This makes the process of tracking and recovering stolen assets even more complicated. They can also use other techniques like VPNs to cover their tracks.

Crypto exchanges and law enforcement work hard to recover stolen assets and investigate them. But there are limitations to what they can do since they aren’t backed by the government. Additionally, not every wallet exchange is cooperative.

Large exchanges usually cooperate when any law enforcement agency asks for your KYC information without needing a court order.

But as always, there are exceptions here and there.

Then there are uncooperative exchanges and other virtual asset service providers that will go out of their way to avoid following orders.

This part of the process is expensive.

That’s why it needs careful analysis based on how their operations work and their ability to maintain KYC information.

The laws regarding legal action are complex.

Executing such an action will require offshore expertise in legal action and good communication skills.

Some altcoin exchanges just don’t collect KYC information at all.

Getting any data from them is like doing a high jump while you’re near-sighted.

Recovery assistance from blockchain developers:

If someone loses their cryptocurrency, it may be gone forever. There are some experts that can help out, though, blockchain developers. They know the system like no one else; they can track down and return any missing funds. And if there’s a hacker involved, they’ll find how they got in.

Money is something you don’t want to lose, especially when it’s digital currency. Blockchain’s main job is to record every transaction ever made with it, so you don’t have to worry about losing your stuff or getting scammed. When you do lose something, this same feature comes in handy again by making sure that the money is being followed until they find where it went.

But even with all of their knowledge and tools, these professionals can only do so much for you in the crypto world. Once money is sent through the blockchain, there isn’t much to do but grieve over its loss and learn from your mistakes.

Legal authorities assistance in recovery:

When cryptocurrencies are lost or stolen, legal teams and enforcement can go out of their way to assist those affected. In order to apprehend criminals, they’ll follow the money trail and ask for help from experts. Once they find these criminals, they’ll ask for all their assets back.

With these tools, they’ve been able to close a few cases. The way it works is pretty simple. Law enforcement agencies will arrest someone, take everything from them, and sentence them after prosecuting others involved in scams. Doing this holds people accountable for their actions while saving others.

The biggest problem everyone faces is working together across different countries. Different laws mean that procedures can be more difficult than they should be. However, it’s crucial that this happens since cryptocurrency knows no limits. Countries need the ability to communicate information with each other effectively and have laws that align with one another.

Lastly, there’s a certain way each agency in every country handles incidents like this. Down below, you’ll find a guide on how you can start your journey by finding someone you need to contact in your area. After that, it’s just a matter of presenting them with your information and fully cooperating during the investigation period.

  • Do some research online
  • Call your local police station
  • Request for someone who specializes in cybercrime

Get help from legitimate recovery services:

Losing money in various ways isn’t uncommon. However, there are services out there that can help you regain your funds. One of those is Online investment scams (OIS). The organization has become a reliable name when it comes to getting back lost money.

Misplacing where you put your cash is bad enough, but having it disappear entirely is much worse. Yet the OIS still manages to find it. They are able to uncover every detail through intense research and cooperation with authorities. You wouldn’t think they’d need them for something like this, but criminal cases happen too.

People who found themselves in the same position as you have felt confident knowing that a reliable organization such as this exists. There’s no doubt that their long list of success stories only adds to their credibility. When it comes to finding lost money, most people don’t think twice about picking up the phone and just calling ‘OIS’.

Just know that if you’re ever in a position where you’re losing hope because your funds were stolen or just vanished, there’s hope with ‘OIS’ by your side. With their experience and skill set, they’ll do whatever it takes to get you back on track financially.

If you don’t believe in crypto recovery services, you must read about ‘Do crypto recovery services work?‘ to understand when you should believe in a crypto recovery service and whether they are effective or not.

Bring in the professionals:

Cryptohunters are professionals that help people get back lost or stolen cryptocurrency. They don’t just do that; they can also help you if you lose your password or private key.

They even work with the police! Their software is able to test millions of potential passwords, so it’s easier to find yours. Unfortunately, though, they’re going to charge you a flat fee if you want their help.

Seek help from professionals here: recover@onlineinvestmentscams.com